Frequent Asked Questions

Trial Package

What is Yuhua: My SmartHDB Home about?
This is a 12-month SmartHome trial package only for StarHub Broadband customers residing in Yuhua. Eligible residents can sign up for following StarHub partner service
a) Elderly Monitoring Solution ā€“ partner service form Silverline and
b) Utility Management Solution ā€“ partner service from TCAM

How much am I charged for the trial?
Eligible resident will be charged a one-time $10 (including GST) for each basic package.
The usual price for Elderly Monitoring Solution Package is $550 and Smart Utility Management Package is priced at $800.

What does the trial package consists of?
You can sign up either one or both trial packages.

Basic Package 1: Elderly Monitoring Solution Package

Basic Package 2: Smart Utility Management Package

Sign-up and Eligibility

How do I sign up for the trial?
To sign up for the trial, please visit You are required to pay for the trial package via credit card.

Who is eligible to sign up for the trial?
Packages listed are offered to Yuhua residents with StarHub Broadband of zones 1 - 7 (postal codes 600101 to 600116, 600209 to 600240, 600241 to 600251, 600252 to 600264, 600317 to 600328, 600343 to 600353, 601215, 601217, 601219, 601221, 601223 and 601225, 601318 and 601322).

Can I sign up for trial package but StarHub Broadband subscription belongs to my family member?
You must be a StarHub Broadband subscriber to be eligible for the trial package. To sign up StarHub Broadband, visit

What if I have signed up and paid for the trial package and realized Iā€™m not a StarHub Broadband customer?
You can sign up for a StarHub Broadband service. After installation of StarHub Broadband, you may continue with the trial package. To sign up StarHub Broadband, visit

I am a resident residing at the mentioned address but I am not a StarHub Broadband customer, can I sign up for the trial?
You can sign up for StarHub Broadband service and be eligible for the trial package. To sign up StarHub Broadband, visit

What happens after StarHub Broadband is installed at my premises?
Our partner will contact you via phone or email to arrange for installation of the trial package at your premise.

I have signed up for the trial, when would the package be installed at my premise?
You will be notified via phone or email on the installation within 2 weeks from the date of sign-up.

Trial Package Installation

What do I need to prepare for the installation?
Package 1: Elderly Monitoring Solution by Silverline Before the installation, you need to decide where you would like to place the gateway. Ensure there is a power point near the desired location where the gateway will be located.

During the installation, our partner Silverline will be sticking the sensors on walls or fixtures within the premise. You will either have a choice between using 3M tape or blutack. Please let our partner know your preference.

Package 2: Smart Utility Management Solution by TCAM Before the installation, our partner TCAM will contact you and walk through the installation process and provide a preparation checklist. For any installation which includes utility management, an on-site site survey may also be carried out prior to the actual installation.